Day & Night

by Adrienne Woods

Released 2008
Released 2008
The album Day and Night by Adrienne Woods is a new take on rock, with a fusion of jazz and rock vocals and a lush band and orchestral score that runs from beautiful sweet ballads to loud passionate heavy rock. From the catchy guitar riffs in Can You Liste
Adrienne grew up in a musical family in a small southern town Florence, South Carolina. She started playing the cello at age four, and was constantly surrounded by classical music. She journeyed after attending the University of South Carolina to hone her craft in Los Angeles. As she began to gain accolades for playing with many artists and groups, she also began to explore the music she loved through songwriting. Eventually she realized her dream was to be more than just a performing cellist and recorded her first rock album Day and Night with the help of producer Barrett Yeretsian. This album features the debut of her music, vocals, instrumental versatility, and arrangements with all original songs. Day and Night chronicles her experiences through life and and love in a lush band and orchestral setting.

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